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For example – here are the two versions of my site – both regular and mobile ready – as viewed on a mobile device.

Mobile  Ready Site

Regular Site

As you can see – the version on the top, the mobile ready, is much easier for a cell phone user to see and navigate.  As you may notice there isn’t even a scroll bar to go left to right on the mobile ready version because everything a viewer needs to see is within the width of the screen.

Cell phones have helped to change the internet.  More and more people use their iPhones and other internet capable phones to go online.

The problem for most businesses is that their normal website looks terrible or is not user friendly when viewed on a phone.  This is especially an issue for businesses that could benefit the most from mobile users.

Often when a person is using their mobile phone to find a business they are looking to go immediately.  If they can’t read your site – or find your phone number or how to get to your location, you’ll have lost that customer.

Luckily, we provide a solution to get those customers coming to YOU.

We can create a mobile site for your business so that the information a mobile user is searching for about your business is easily accessible.

Why your business needs a mobile website now:

Currently not that many businesses have a website designed specifically for mobile phone users.

But more and more people are using their phones to browse the internet. Not too long from now it will be standard to have a mobile version of your website. So NOW is the time to get a jump on your competitors.

Other reasons:

  • Tons of people are accessing websites via their phones every day
  • Especially valuable in tourist areas or when targeting travelers (or those looking for something right this minute such as somewhere to eat, shop, be entertained or an emergency situation)
  • Allows you to offer two separate ways to show information, catering to each (regular website visitors on a computer and mobile website visitors using a mobile device)
  • Opens up unique mobile opportunities
  • Loads faster
  • Allows you to focus on the most important issues for mobile users (phone number, location, etc.)

Click here for Consumer Mobile Device Facts

Don’t miss out on customers that are looking for you and are ready to use your business immediately! Get a jump on your competitors by having a mobile website!

Call today!


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