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Are You Looking For The Hottest EXCLUSIVE Leads In The DIVORCE Industry?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you will be interested in our program.

My company is currently in search of one divorce attorney in your city to receive exclusive divorce client leads. Based on our research and feedback, your firm definitely qualifies as a firm that will be successful with our program.

As a matter of fact, your firm is one of only 20 others that have been selected to receive this letter and the first firm that responds will be able to get exclusive leads generated from our website located at…..


The advantages of being featured on our website are obvious!

1. You will be able to get more clients because you’ll have a continuous source of fresh leads.

2. You will have access to our team of internet experts who use unique marketing strategies to drive traffic to www.DivorceHelpForTeachers.com.

As you know, more and more people use the internet and our unique strategies to get you good leads are proprietary. No one else generates leads like we do.

3. You will be notified by email as soon as a lead is generated and it’s easy to log into our back office to get the lead and respond quickly.

4. You will have access to the most affordable prices for lead generation. Our unique and effective strategies allow us to pass huge savings on to you, which increases your overall profits.

5. You will have a committed team behind you that understands their success depends on your success!

Can You Imagine…?

  • Getting more clients from great leads that you didn’t have to get yourself
  • Having the edge over local competition and building an even better business
  • Access to a team of internet experts who promote your business online to get you more exposure and clients

    If you want low cost exclusive divorce client leads in your city, then you need to go to the site below and be the first out of the 20 divorce attorneys chosen.

    Sign Up By Calling 678-999-4638

    If you have any questions about our program, you can ask them by calling 678-999-4638, but don’t take too long.

    Remember, this is an exclusive opportunity and only one divorce attorney in your city will have the opportunity to acquire new business from our leads.

    I hope to work with you soon.

    Yours Truly,

    Stacy Klesen

    “Your Lead Generation Specialist!”

    S & K Associates LLC

    “Helping You Get Better Leads For Your Business!”

    PO Box 2221

    Powder Springs, GA  30127



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