Internet vs. Traditional

Once upon a time there were certain advertising methods a company used and they knew those methods would benefit their business.  Those methods include the Yellow Pages, Television Commercials, Radio Advertising and Outdoor Advertising/Billboards.

Some of those methods still have their uses, but when compared to using the Internet to gain new customers and clients, they simply do not compare.

Below are a few of the main drawbacks to these old methods of marketing compared to Internet Marketing.

  • Costs/Pricing – Billboards, tv, radio and the Yellow Pages can be extremely expensive.  Depending on the business the costs to acquire new customers far exceeds the gain!
  • Static – Once your ad or listing is done, you can not change it or you have to wait a long time to make changes.  For example, if you were to add a phone number or even worse change your phone number, you could not update this information on your Yellow Pages ad.  You have to leave it as is until you renew.
  • Not interactive – If someone sees your television ad, unless they pick up the phone that second and dials your number, they are likely to forget to contact you.  There is no way for them to do something right then.  With internet marketing when a customer finds your site, if you are set up for it, they can leave their contact information.  That means YOU can continually contact them instead of them remembering to contact you.
  • Harder to target – While there is a level of control in the demographics you target with radio and television, it still is often not as targeted as the internet can be.  Also your message is forced upon the customer rather the customer finding your ad/website because they are specifically looking for your type of business.
  • Can be very impersonal and cold – perhaps one of the biggest draws of using the Internet to market your business is that it is hard to truly show the uniqueness of your business.
  • Time is limited – Particularily for television and radio – you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention.  And there’s no way to repeat yourself if they missed part of the commercial.
  • It’s just not how people search for businesses anymore! The vast majority of people use the internet to search for products and services.  People are using the Yellow Pages less and less.  Drivers tend to be blind to billboards.  With Tivo and satellite radio people are fast forwarding through commercials or have paid to NOT be subjected to commercials.

In contrast, Internet Marketing solves the issues that traditional advertising methods now have.

  • Better and more flexible Pricing – You can get a lot more bang for your buck with internet marketing.  While traditional advertising can be too cost prohibitive for smaller businesses, there are much more budget friendly options available with marketing your business online.
  • Updating is a breeze – You can keep customers and potential customers informed in minutes online.  If you have a new promotion or product one email can let all your customers know about it in minutes.  Or you can simply update critical information in a flash.  Changing a phone number on your website can be done as soon as you need to – no need to wait until the next “cycle”.
  • Interactive – Your customers can leave information for you to contact them at your website.  They can participate on your website in a variety of ways such as leaving a comment.  You can be especially interactive if you incorporate social media.
  • Better targeting – First of all, when someone lands on your website it is because they chose to.  Unlike a customer hearing a radio ad for a service they have no interest in, if they land on your site it is because they actively were searching for your type of business.  Additionally, with the use of proper keywords and other factors, you can target the people you want finding you.
  • Can be much more personable and show uniqueness – You can really brand your business online much easier and faster than with any other methods.  Simple things such as blogging or using social media allows what is great about your business to come through.
  • Not limited to 30 second time frames – Searchers can bookmark your site or have more time to jot down your phone number or address or website since your site will be visible to them for as long as they want.  A potential customer can take as much time as they like at your site.
  • It is how the majority of people research businesses – Like mentioned above, people use the internet to get their information about everything.

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