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Having your own published book is one of the greatest ways to build your reputation and more importantly to get more clients! But making this happen for your business involves a lot of time and quite a few steps. So that’s where we come in. We have created a Done For You Book Service.

Here’s what is involved and what you get:

The process of creating your custom book with our Premium Done-For-You book system begins with a 90-minute interview…and ends with:

1. a book listing in the Amazon marketplace from which you can generate royalties from book sales

2. a copy of the physical book delivered to your home or office, and the ability to order additional promotional copies at a wholesale rate of about $4.00 per book (plus shipping)

3. a corresponding website that you can use to promote your book, yourself, and your existing business.

Sound simple? It is…but there are actually many steps involved in order to transform this raw interview recording into a beautiful custom book that you can use as a powerful promotional tool in your current business.

In fact, “behind the scenes” our expert editorial staff will be working hard to transcribe, edit, format, design cover art, submit, and publish your custom manuscript to get it listed on Amazon pronto! And our web designers will craft your unique “Book Site” in order to maximize exposure on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The following is a complete description of the features included in our Premium “Done-For-You” book service. For your convenience, we have organized this service into its two main components: book publishing & website design.


The beauty of our “Done-For-You” book system is that you will be instantly transformed into an “published author” without the headaches of generating original content on your own, or fighting the “learning curve” of actually getting it published to Amazon. All that we require is a 90-minute interview scheduled at your convenience, and we’ll take care of the rest.

As we mentioned, the raw content of your book will be sourced from an interview recorded via your telephone or Skype connection. Don’t worry…this interview is nothing more than a Q & A session based upon a questionnaire that you will complete in advance of this telephone call.

Here is a brief overview of the publishing process:

1. Your interview recording will be formatted into an electronic MP3 file, and transcribed word-for-word in a text file.

2. This transcription is edited and polished into a raw manuscript by our sharp-eyed “Done-For-You” editorial staff.

3. The content is then organized by subject matter into chapters, and a keyword-rich title is selected.

4. Any content provided by the client supplemental to the interview (i.e. blog posts, articles, profession journal submissions, etc.) is integrated into the manuscript at this time.

5. An “About the Author” and “Testimonials” page is crafted using the biographical information you provide in the original questionnaire.

6. A book trim size is selected based upon the length of the edited content.

7. This manuscript is formatted using our proprietary book templates.

8. A “Table of Contents” is generated from the formatted book headings.

9. Cover art is selected appropriate to the subject of the book, and a custom book wrap is designed including a unique ISBN number, image of the author, testimonials, bio, book description , etc.

10. This completed manuscript is reviewed by our “Done-For-You” editors for book flow, accuracy, spelling & grammar.

11. The manuscript is then submitted for approval, after which a book proof is delivered to our “Done-For-You” office.

12. After a final review of the book proof, we will “green light” the publication of your book in your name.

13. Your book will then be listed in Amazon marketplace and available for purchase at the price that you designate.


Our “Book Site” service includes one premium domain name and free hosting for 3 months ($30 per month hosting service thereafter).

This website will be will be optimized for on-page SEO based upon your unique niche, book category, and keyword preferences in order to maximize search engine visibility. Here is an example of a custom “book site” created for an existing client:


• Interactive slider images

• 4 banners linking out to url’s such as your Amazon book listing, book excerpts, your current website or blog, additional products or services, contact information, Facebook or Twitter pages, etc.

• Video embed feature

• 6 custom posts with icons & text, including a:

1. “Featured” post: This is a “pre-sell” page including the unique image of the book’s cover art & a juicy description of the book itself.

Also included are links to download a free chapter of the book, and a direct link to the book’s Amazon listing. The purpose of this page is to highlight the value of the information presented in the book, and provide visitors the ability to purchase it straightaway.

2. “About the Author” post: A brief description of the book’s author based upon their resume, professional experience, community service, etc. of the client as described in the Questionnaire. Designed to enhance the author’s credibility and expert status, this is also another great way to link out to related websites, blogs, etc.

3. “Download a Free Chapter”: This feature gives visitors the ability to download a free excerpt of the book itself, including the table of contents, a testimonials page, about the author page, and one “teaser” chapter. This is a custom pdf hosted by Done-For-You Books, which we will gladly provide upon request. The “giveaway” feature is an excellent way to establish a positive relationship with your visitors and move them closer to a sale.

4. “Purchase This Book at Amazon”: Giving your visitors the ability to purchase a physical book in the Amazon marketplace adds additional value to the book and credibility to the client. From this post we’ll also link out via text and an image links of the book’s cover directly to your listing at

5. “Contact the Author”: This post is a another great opportunity to introduce your visitors to the other services that you and your business provide, and gives them the opportunity to contact you for additional information, consulting services, back-end products, etc. In addition to linking out to your company’s website and providing relevant contact information, you can also include a map & directions to your office, or insert a lead capture form on this page (provided by customer).

6. “Reviews and Testimonials” Nothing boosts credibility and provides proof of your expert status like a long list of testimonials from your business’ existing happy customers! This can be updated to include any book reviews that are generated on your Amazon book listing.

To get started and become a published author, give us a call now

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